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Final Recommendation

Recommendation of the ad-hoc FAST Task Group, submitted 3 May 2016

FAST Task Group Draft Charge

This is the draft charge proposed to the TSSC list on 4/16/15:

The ad hoc FAST task group will examine the previously proposed project by the TSSC in 2014 on the optimal use of FAST headings in Aleph and Mango and will provide recommendations to the TSSC for further exploration in the context of potential migration to a new next gen ILS system.

FAST Task Group Members

FAST Task Group Meetings and Agendas

FAST Resources

FAST Headings in UXU01 as of 8/26/15

Because of its size, the list has been split into two spreadsheets. Each spreadsheet is still too large to open in Google, so you will need to download each to Excel.

Recommendation notes

Use cases

Google Form: Survey Results (PDF)

Survey (external)
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