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This page has editing tips and links to practice pages.


Recorded training

Recording for small-group training session Mary Ann O'Daniel held 11/9/17: https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2017-11-09.0909.M.678E77E7F7CD71562D47A5D6DF8C6D.vcr&sid=uwf0707

High-level header, 2 equal signs

If there are two or more headers at this level, a table of contents is automatically created at the top of the page.

Indent text with a colon
Formatting shortcut: find the formatted text you want to copy, go into edit, and copy/paste the text to where you're editing.

Next-highest level header, 3 equal signs

  1. numbered point, 1 hash mark
  2. next numbered point, 1 hash mark
    1. numbered subpoint, 2 hash marks
    2. another numbered subpoint
  3. third numbered point, 1 hash mark
    • bulleted subpoint, hash mark and asterisk
    • another bulleted subpoint

Another next-highest level header, 3 equal signs

  • bulleted point, 1 asterisk
  • another bulleted point
    • bulleted subpoint, 2 asterisks

Practice Pages

Easy way to create a new page is to create the link from the higher-level page by entering the page title surrounded by two square brackets. For example,

New page for practice

Practice page for TSSC minutes line break with colon

Practice page2 double line break

Links to uploaded files

  • Word document, the unadorned link with an initial indent
Media:PDA Record Loading and Maintenance Task Group Recommendations.docx
  • Word document, uses anchor text, with an initial indent
PDA Task Group Recommendations
Bad character display in Sierra
  • Word document using different versions of the link; file has been uploaded to the wiki.
Draft using full link with https://
Draft using full link with http://
Draft using last segment of the link (just the file name)
Instructions for manage_21 using special characters
  • Image document
Aristotle in Encore
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