TSSC Issues for Next-Gen ILS


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Issues for the Working Groups and Discussion Groups to consider for implementation

Joint Use Facilities
For double-cataloged items, which records migrate?
What's the new workflow so that things are cataloged just once?
Merging college and university bib records

Issues for the TSSC to consider for implementation

Cataloging guidelines for the shared FCS-SUS bib
Data cleanup

Survey Questions
  1. How many FTE are involved in Cataloging? ____
  2. How many FTE are involved in Acquisitions? ____
  3. What is the library staff size (total? Tech services?) ____
  4. How many FTE are involved in eResources? ____
  5. Does your institution have branch institutions and if so, do they have their own cataloging/acquisition system?

  1. What percent of your acquisitions budget is going toward print versus EBooks?
  2. What percent of your acquisitions budget is for databases?
  3. What percent of your acquisitions budget is for print serials?
  4. Are you purchasing streaming videos for your collection?
  5. Do you put your institution’s eResourses in Aleph?
  6. Which departments have access and use Aleph acquisitions module, now?
    • If so, how do they use the system?
  7. When you order something, what type of record do you put into Aleph. (shared bib, acquisition records, Coutts, Gobi)


  1. Does your institution outsource Cataloging?
  2. Where does your institution retrieve cataloging records now (shared bib, University, Library of Congress, OCLC, original)?
  3. How many items are originally cataloged individually (not batch loaded) a year? 
  4. Does your institution catalogs on OCLC/is a member?
  5. Does your institution set holdings on OCLC for print? 
  6. Does your institution set holdings on OCLC for eResources?
  7. How much original vs copy cataloging does your institution do?
  8. Does your institution update headings in Aleph to be the current authorized form?
  9. Does your institution create NACO records? 
  10. Does your institution create and maintain local authority records?
  11. How often does your institution add your holding to another library's record, and how often must you bring in a new record?
  12. What cataloging standards do you use? (LCRI, AACR2, RDA, LCPS, CONSER, PCC, BIBCO, etc.)
  13. Do you participate in joint use facility cataloging? 
  1. What platform does your institution use for accessing and maintaining eResources? 
  1. When your institution receives serials, does your institution check-in serials?
  2. How many print journals does the library still subscribe to?
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