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Welcome to the TSSC Wiki

This wiki is a resource for the Technical Services Standing Committee of the FLVC Members Council on Library Services.

Technical Services Standing Committee Charge

  • Assist and advise the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) Library Services Members Council regarding all technical services issues in a statewide environment. Scope of committee work includes, but is not limited to, acquisitions, cataloging, preservation, and serials.
  • Propose, review, and evaluate procedures and guidelines that support technical work products and training, focusing on the quality and effectiveness of technical operations and catalog functionalities in a complex academic environment that includes multiple types and sizes of libraries and materials.
  • Working with other committees and task forces, solicit ideas and disseminate best practices using multiple communication mechanisms to enhance the exchange of necessary consortial initiatives in a cooperative statewide academic setting.

TSSC Members

TSSC Meeting Notes and Agendas

TSSC Dates and Deadlines

TSSC Mentoring Program

TSSC Quarterly Reports

TSSC Project List for FLVC

TSSC Issues for Next-Gen ILS

TSSC ad hoc FAST Task Group

TSSC ad hoc Overlay Protection Task Group

TSSC Cataloging Standards Subcommittee

TSSC Metadata Quality Control Subcommittee

Talking Points for Spring 2014 FLVC Regional Meetings

Talking Points for Spring 2015 FLVC Regional Meetings

Sierra Migration Cleanup Clearinghouse

FAST Presentation by Jorge Gonzalez

The TSSC carries on the outstanding work of the Shared Bib Task Force


Sharing Space Workflows, procedures, tools, techniques, etc.

SUS Deduplication

TSSC Wiki Sandbox

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