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Record duplication in the SUS Aleph catalog undermines OPAC navigability, workflow efficiency, and data migrations. To improve catalog use, FLVC provides staffing to support deduplication as stipulated below.

FLVC Objectives

  • Deduplicate non-serial OCLC records with publication date 2013 and forward
  • Deduplicate non-serial records reported through the SUS Shared Bib Guidelines Duplicate Record Spreadsheet
  • Implement a process to report non-serial duplicates directly to FLVC as part of the FLVC Help Desk consolidation in January 2014

To assure accuracy, FLVC will take the following steps when deduplicating records:

  • Follow the instructions in the Shared Bib Guidelines
  • Conduct a manual field by field comparison
  • Transfer local notes identified with $5
  • Transfer proprietary TOC and related STA fields
  • Transfer 796 and 797 donor fields
  • Disregard 951 fields
  • Disregard duplicate records for discovery records
  • Disregard vendor records with OCLC numbers
    • Move OCLC numbers on vendor records loaded post-merge to a 599 field
  • Overlay records when updates are available in OCLC
  • Notify SUS libraries to update OCLC holdings resulting from 035/019 merges
  • Refer complex issues to individual SUS libraries
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